Mobile services by Attractionnet.

You want to send sms messages to your clients for...

  • Wish them for anniversaries, holidays and feast days.
  • Remind them an important event.
  • Inform them for your products.
  • Inform them for a new event.


  • The cost is big.
  • You do not have time to send it to all.
  • Your mobile needs special processing.
  • You cannot remember all dates.
  • Not everybody has your mobile number and they will not know the sender.

With the SMS service by Attractionnet

  • You can send the messages whenever you want.
  • There is no expiry date in the messages that you buy.
  • You can send the messages with any sender you want.
  • You can send the messages without special packets of messages.
  • We can send the messages for you without any cost.

Price per sms for Greece :

  • To Vodafone : €0.036
  • To Wind & Q : €0.042
  • To Cosmote : €0.046
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